View from the Top




I remember it as clearly as if it happened five minutes ago. It was sunset. A glow fell upon the skyscrapers below me, glimmering the windows on the buildings like light on water.


I was in eighth grade and atop the Empire State Building. To this day, I will never forget how it felt to stand there. To feel the entire world below me moving to this final crescendo of day. To blink and blink and tell myself to never forget what this felt like. To try to mentally jot it all down inside.


I was with my class then, but a few months ago, I stood all alone atop the Eiffel Tower at night. It was romantic, couples kissing all around me. I stood there and watched the city whirl around me and wondered how this could’ve possible beat my expectations.


But it was the same as in NYC as it was in Paris. That view from the top that makes you want to remember every detail in your mind. That makes you feel like, if you could just keep this image this feeling, shoved in some bottle to take out whenever you’re feeling stale, that life could go on much more beautifully.


The view from the top is, perhaps the most magical. Perhaps the most breathtaking. Perhaps the best.





5minutefridayThis post is part of one of the most refreshing link ups I have found. It’s an exercise in free writing where you set the timer and write for five minutes on the particular prompt of the day. Today’s prompt is: VIEW and I just knew I had to try it. I am shocked by how much I loved it. Check out some of the other posts linked up or contribute one yourself here.

  • This is lovely! I stood atop the empire when I was in 8th grade too!

    • registeredrunaway

      Thanks! And no way! That was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

  • Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

    Great post! I wrote about a NYC view in mine as well.
    There is a high-up restaurant on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls that has a great view. The place spins around as you eat, so you actually get several views.

  • I. Continue. To. Love. You…..your perspective, your view.

    • registeredrunaway

      Always the poet 🙂 Thanks Jennifer. The same to you.

  • I want to go to New York! What spectacular views!

    • registeredrunaway

      It is one of the most beautiful places, especially atop the Empire State Building.

      • Ford1968

        LOL – yes, from atop the ESB, this city I love and call home actually looks clean!

  • I love your view.