Thursday Threads 2/7


This week has been moving much faster than weeks before (soo muchhh worrkk). In any case, there were a few pieces that really stirred good questions in me this week. So, here we go!

An Authentic Runaway

Honestly Struggling (Part 1)

by Charlotte Norton

This is the one passage that gives me chills. The only one in the Bible to talk (possibly) about female same-sex attraction (the rest are all about the men), and the only one no-one has ever managed to successfully explain to me from a pro-gay perspective. I am not saying that there aren’t some interesting perspectives out there, but I have always been left with a kind of nagging doubt about this one.


A Thoughtful Runaway

In Response to Wes Hill’s “Once More”

Brent Bailey, OddManOut

But if sexuality is so centrally tied to who we are as people and how we connect with other people—I mean, people all across the spectrum of belief get that sexuality is a big deal—then living as someone whose experience of sexuality is atypical suggests my life is going to differ in some fundamental ways, and it’s helpful for me and for the people in my life to keep those differences in mind as we seek to connect with one another


A Runaway Town

The Power of Love: How a Texan Town of 600 People Took in 76 Foster Care Children

Donna Martin, HuffingtonPost Religion

The first Sunday she brought him to church, 100 Bennett Chapel members crowded around, admiring him and his long dark lashes. “Who would give up this little man?” they asked.

Nino hugged Diann’s neck. “He’s all mine,” she said teasingly. “Y’all go get your own.”

Wouldn’t you know it? That was just about what everyone in Possum Trot did. The cool sweet Texas breeze that blew over me in the rocker covered our congregation with its message. Twenty-three church families signed up to take classes so they could foster parent and adopt too.

An Actual Runaway

Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church

Jeff Chu

I first met Megan in the summer of 2011, when I went to Topeka to spend a few days with the Westboro folks for my book project. During that visit, we talked about faith, we talked about church, we talked about marriage (and Megan’s feeling that, given the prospects, it would require no small amount of divine intervention in her case), and we talked about Harry Potter (for the record, she’s a fan). She seemed so sure in her beliefs, that I could not have imagined that some fifteen months later, we’d be having a conversation in which she tearfully told me that she was no longer with her family or with the church.

Runaway Response

Hey RR. I’m actually very excited to hear more from the holistic you. Our sexuality is part of the story – it is not THE story. Our sexuality is an essential part of who we are, but is just one of myriad filters that inform our worldview. We don’t really know each other from Adam, but I really like the person you’ve shared so far. I’m looking forward to hearing more!
Peace to you.

Runaway Reading

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie

Ayana Mathis

I try to find the beauty in things. On dark days I sit in my armchair looking at clouds and I am awed at how rain is made.

Runaway Prayer Request

Some spiritual intimacy.

Tomorrow is Friday!