All I Can Say

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I was closed off in a dark cabin of depression when my brother texted me the name of a song I should listen to. These were the days when I wanted help, but at the same time, spurned people’s advances to help. Nothing could break this sealed tight void in my life. Which is exactly what depression is, a lonesome cabin where no one or thing can reach you.


The song went like this, “this is all that I can say right now, this is all that I can give and that’s my everything,” and he sent me this song because I told him not a cell in my body wanted to kneel in prayer. All the church folks had told me that when I was sad, God was close, that I should feel so blessed when I was down down down, because the scriptures say God is near to the broken hearted. So at the time, it seemed even God couldn’t come to this cabin.


The song is sung in a heartbreaking melody of one that is despairing and there is no God in sight. He knows he should be offering up some pretty prayer instead of sulking, but he can’t. This is all He can say.


And in a beautiful way, it brought me forward on my knees, brought the words out that this is All I Can Say. And little by little, it made me feel less alone.

~ ~ ~

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