Acceptance of Self [At Love is an Orientation]



By the time I was literate, I had the entire Left Behind kid series stacked on my shelf. The books, for those that don’t know, are futuristic stories of when God raptures Christians up to heaven, leaving behind the skeptical and non-believers to survive the apocalypse and, the Anti-Christ, and then- if they aren’t lucky- hell.


I couldn’t put them down, tearing through them on bated breath, closing the book at the end of each chapter to plead a prayer for salvation. Take me too, I’d whisper. Whenever my house turned quiet, I would peer around corners, check every room, until I found someone that fit my criteria for Safe Christian. Until I was sure I wasn’t Left Behind.


With the fear of God breathing down my neck, I tried so very hard to be good. I never missed youth group, taped up Bible verses on my wall, told every friend I knew about Jesus. And that part, the evangelism, was something more than the fear. His loving sacrifice has made an impression on me; planted in my heart a blooming love and hope for the world…

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