What I’m Into (July Edition)




I have been decidedly absent for… is it two weeks now?– Yes about two weeks and it’s cause I’m job hunting, resume crafting, cover letter gloating, and there aint no rest for the weary and money don’t grow on trees. Seriously though, I’ve been content working part-time as a PCA and a paraprofessional and a special Olympics coach and a Stadium supervisor (of the high school football field), but, out of nowhere at some point at the beginning of this month, I was blindsided by a quarter-life crisis and wasn’t prepared for it. At this point, the only sensible thing for me seems to be to pack up my things in my Saturn Ion and take off for Washington, DC. I need to milk my degree in Political Science for all it’s worth (and, more than anything, figure out what it is exactly that I want to do with my life!)


And obviously, my blog has been neglected. But just because I am not writing lots doesn’t mean I am not doing anything. So what have I been doing? These things:




The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver


imagesI read everything on my Nook and in the Nook Store, this book was on sale for $1.99, and it’s the most underpriced thing I’ve purchased of anything I’ve purchased. I’ve never read a Kingsolver book before, and I have to say, her writing inspires me to write. It makes me wish I could reach out and grasp those shiny similes and metaphors that she arranges in her prose. The story is funny and heartbreaking and beautiful and I am so happy I found it.


Pigs in Heaven, Barbara Kingsolver


A sequel to The Bean Trees and I’m only 100 pages in. Liking it, haven’t fallen in love yet.


Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman


Another book on sale (I’m cheap) but this is also the first I’ve read of Gaiman. His writing style is nothing that I’m used to and I was drawn in pretty quickly to this twisted tale between London “Below” and London “Above”. Liked it, didn’t love it.


Making Love Just: Sexual Ethics for Perplexing Times, by Marvin M. Ellison


I am in the middle of this one, but I’ve found myself singing its praises and challenging it right back. Overall, so far, I really recommend it. I deeply appreciate the way Ellison is lifting sexuality up out of shame and calling us to remember that intimate relationships with one another, are a beautiful way we live out justice.


New Snacks (yes.)


So I realized I was falling into some unhealthy eating habits, particularly with how I snack, and in an attempt to right that imbalance in my life, I’ve been mixing in some healthier alternatives.


Yoplait Light Yogurt

Baby Carrots (with peanut butter)

String Cheese

Nature Valley Granola Bars



Blog posts that meant a lot to me.


Everyone’s a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony- Rachel Held Evans


If My Son or Daughter Were Gay- Rachel Held Evans


Why millennials are leaving the church- Rachel Held Evans


I Say to You: DRINK- Aaron Smith


Jeans, Social Justice and One Small Thing– Addie Zierman


5 Reasons I Reject Unconditional Election- Micah J. Murray


How frail a foundation, ye saints of the Lord- Fred Clark, Slacktivist


When You Hate Everyone- Alise Wright


The Crisis of Relationship with God- Brent Bailey


Real vs. Fake Persecution: How You Can Spot the Difference– Benjamin Corey


Through the Looking Glass: Why the Traditional Response to Homosexuality Has Failed– Stephen at Sacred Tension







3176913-wolverine-originsA buddy and I went to this the other night and it was only good because I came with pretty low expectations. Amazing graphics, fight scenes, some wonderful supporting actors… brutal storyline.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Finally saw this movie, I read all the books a year or so ago. Was very impressed with both Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, they captured their characters well. The movie did justice to how dark the books are, but it was still tough to watch. Overall, great movie.




After hearing much of the hype surrounding this movie, I watched it with the highest expectations… and it met them. Loved this movie. Incredible.


On the blog…


You could certainly call this an emotional month for me hear (another good reason to step away for a bit), but I responded to Emily Wierenga’s letter to a gay boy scout and received so much support from so many of you and I am really grateful. The letter was a damaging, wrong thing to have on the internet and I applauded Emily for removing it. I genuinely hope she takes the time to listen to our stories before, once again, publishing her thoughts about the gay community.


Another piece that generated some interest was about progressive evangelical bloggers and how they discuss LGBT people. Micah J. Murray humored me and hopped in on the conversation and really challenged me to rethink some of the tenets of how I had written (always grateful for Micah’s gracious input.)


Some other posts this month:


Sometimes You Just Need Really Awesome Friends


We Need to Talk About Your Sin


Evil and Jesus Came to Pride



And that, my friends, is what I have been into (now find me a job.)




Linking up with Leigh Kramer today! What have you been into in July?


UPDATED: Forgot to include the show that I am currently OBSESSED WITH-



Jane Lynch!