One Small Change: Helping to Bridge Gaps



Today I have the honor of writing at one of my favorite blogs, Addie Zierman’s, and I am talking about my One Small Change. I love this series and have learned so much from the other contributors to it. Very happy Addie is bringing an important part of the LGBTQ conversation to her blog, the gap between parents and children in the early days of being out.


ALSO, there’s a book-giveaway that you can enter in just for leaving a comment!


Here’s the first part:


Three things you should know about me:

One: I am a believer in a God that gets weak at the knees when he spots me bumbling around here on earth. He likes me. He loves me. It’s an embarrassing, head over heels kind of affection.

Two: I am gay. I’ve known this since I was little, but I only came out two years ago. The journey to this place of being Out was painful; the walk ever since has been holy.

Three: One and Two are not an odd coupling. “Gay Christian” is no oxymoron. Accepting my sexuality has transformed my faith more than anything else before. Coming face to face with my different, accepting that I am accepted and embracing the power of perspective I bring to the Body has made my faith a beautiful, thriving thing. I am gay and I am beloved and I am fully devoted to God.

When I came out to my parents, they never stopped loving me nor did they reject me, but they couldn’t deny that this was more than a little difficult, it was heartbreaking.

And they were sad for a while.


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