2013 in Review



I am not back yet. I’m still soaking in the break, which has been wonderful… until now, because winter has come and the world has gone to hell. (If I could vent for just a moment: It is below zero today. It is expected to stay so for the rest of the week. My bottom lip is splitting wide open. For 95% of my commute my car is arctic and I am breathing fogs of air straight into my windshield and I can no longer see the road. Last night, I seriously considered writing about my bare exposed thumb lifting up and down on the icy steering wheel- it was cherry red, the deepest kind of cold, the burning kind, the small red symbol of every soul in this state. Cold and Angry and Fighting to LIVE.)


Today, I have been inside, hidden beneath a hoodie and over indulging on coffee, reading, with pleasure, the end of the year lists from some of my favorite bloggers. And it made me wonder what topped my list this year. So I checked and have listed them below, along with favorite posts from other bloggers, top referrers, top guest post, my favorite search term…


And I am very excited to get back to a schedule come mid January. Some recent things have happened, for one, I decided to go back to school to get my teaching license, whaAatt!?!? And, in less than two weeks, I will be heading to Chicago for the Gay Christian Network Conference! I plan on taking care of what I need to take of in the next couple weeks and then dive back into blogging. I still love it so much. And I love the posts that you’ve read this year.


Here are a handful of them:


Psalm-55 Betrayed

A post about a church I ran out, the prevalence of unsafe Christians, and finding refuge in a church that took me in. It is a harder post, but a true one. One that was shared to said pastor who said I was damaging to the community, but to not be offended by that remark, because he was “Speaking the Truth in Love.” Thank God I found Jay Bakker’s church or I might have walked away forever.


These Hallowed Grounds: Our Story

The post I came out on. Sometimes, I go back and read through the comments and well up a little. It was such an emotional and liberating day.


LGBTQ Christians are People, and Christians, and Like to Blog, Too

This post I wrote in the aftermath of a few lists of specific types of bloggers that were being promoted, without a single LGBTQ Christian to be found. This both surprised me and didn’t. I spend so much of my internet time interacting with folks like me, I forget that many weren’t aware of these incredible writers and friends of mine.


The Accidental Oppressors

I was somewhat nervous to post this one. It’s about the constant condescension amongst progressive bloggers (which I note is, or at least appears, for the most part, completely unintentional.) It generated some good conversations, including comments from my friends Micah and Olivia.


An Open Letter to the Closeted

This one has meant very much to me. I have heard from parents that printed it out and gave it to their gay children who have felt unloved by Church and God. I was happy I could get myself out of the way so this message could pour forth: You are Loved.


Albus Dumbledore, John Piper, and our WORDS

This post was written in a huff. But Greg Boyd shared it! A moment in which I was going nuts, blushing, eyes obsessing over the stats graph. It was about that Piper tweet regarding the Tornadoes in Oklahoma and how our words matter. (also, I attribute a quote from Harry Potter which I said was in the book, but is actually only in the movie, my friend Emily quickly pointed that out!)


Speaking Up

A post related to “Psalm-55 Betrayed”


On Football, Incongito, and What it Means to Be a Man

I enjoyed writing this one. The culture surrounding professional sports has long bothered me with the way it promotes bullying behavior. Sports are not for bullies. I wrote about my football coach and, shortly after, I received a moving email from him.


Love is an Ability

Perhaps my writing at its’ best. I admit, I’ve reposted this one a few times. I’m still figuring out my writing chops, how turning a phrase works, and often, it is our best work that stands next to us in the mirror as we type, constantly drawing comparisons. Love this piece, for sure, but hate how it hovers over me.


Top Guest Post


Micah J. Murray: All I Have to Offer


Quick note: Micah is one of the most genuine people I have come across on the internet. Where I fail to be intentional, to truly engage, he is in there, building people up, encouraging others, and also writing kick-ass posts. I’m sure you are, but if you are not, follow him immediately. So proud of him with this successful year! Keep it up, Micah!


Favorite Search Term


Love dwells, it doesn’t just stop by.


Top Referrers


Rachel Held Evans

Fred Clark (Slacktivist)

Micah J. Murray

Sarah Bessey

Addie Zierman


(thank you all so much!)


And lastly, I’d like to leave you with some posts that made me cry, laugh and think this year.


Addie Zierman

Come Weary

Reconstructing the Bridge Metaphor


Sarah Bessey

In Which art is like manna

In Which Advent is for those who know longing


Brent Bailey

How the End of Exodus Changes the Church’s Future

            The Long Drive


Rachel Held Evans

            Responding to Homophobia in the Christian Community

           The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart

Micah J. Murray

Why I Can’t Say Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin Anymore


Emily Maynard

From Loathing to Love


Alise Wright

Your Gagging isn’t Loving


Jen Hatmaker

The Duck Thing: Is there another way?


Kevin Shoop

Blessed are they that mourn


Aaron Smith

How Long?


Carol Vinson

Advent: the Coming Peace


Natalie Trust

Christians, Divorce and Marriage: On Being Excluded from Conversations


Jamie Wright

This is my brain on hugs

            What Would Jesus… Blog?


Now, pertaining to the abovementioned list, were there any posts that really, I mean really, stood out to you this year? Had a deep impact on you? I’m asking cause I still have two weeks left on my blogging break and need some reading. Also, what blogs should I be reading in 2014? 

~ ~ ~