Love Letters



This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time. Provide a place where my LGBT brothers and sisters can find encouragement and affirmation from a variety of voices, big and small. A place where love is the offering and hope is the message. A small push in turning the tide of evangelical vitriol toward the LGBT community. This is reconciliation. This is restoration. This is everything.

An Open Letter to the Closeted- Me

Does it really get better?- Kevin Shoop

“Someday your *blank* will come”- Michael Overman

God is Love- A.J.

Speaking Up With My Friends- Emily Maynard

To Be Who You Know You Are- Nathan Kennedy

Promises- Alise Wright

Arid Faith- David Owens

Shedding My Skintight Shame- HB Allaman 

The Truth Comes Out- perfectnumber

A Love Letter to You- Dr. Trista Carr

Your Name- Aaron Smith

I Will Stand Beside You- Steph Spencer

I’ll Do Whatever it Takes- Jessica

I Won’t Die on that Mountain- Natalie Trust

A Mother’s Gratitude- Holli Carey Long

A Love Letter from Bethany Suckrow

A Love Letter from Hännah Ettinger