Tip Jar

My words are my own as is my story and I put a lot of time into telling it right, but I do not expect you to donate. This has always been about the journey for myself, about alleviating the lonely weight others carry and I never set to make money. That still isn’t what this is about.


Having said that, if you enjoy my writing, or the different series I’ve put together, if you believe in the work I am trying to do here then I would welcome you to flip a coin or two into the can. But I also want you to know that tip or none, I will still be writing for you. I will carry on in creating a space where I can tell my story, address injustice in the church and find healing for us all through connection and empathy and honesty.


And in the effort of making this not simply about supporting the site, but something more- something for you- I want to make a proposition. My email is registeredrunaway1@gmail.com and if you would like to hire me for any freelance writing assignment, I am yours. I will make time for your project and work tirelessly to make it perfect. So- if you like my style, my way with words, then shoot me an email and we’ll make it happen.