The Thursday Threads 2/14



Since finishing The Twelve Tribes of Hattie I’ve had some more spare time to search through the blog world, and honestly, some of my favorite posts came to life this past week (or so). Lent is starting and I get that everyone is looking for some input on how to make this the most spiritual and stress free season (those two probably won’t be compatible, but I made a special section for the ones I found helpful.

Anyhow. Here. Are. The Threads!

I Love this kind of Bravery

My Confession by H.B. Allaman

And this kind

Love and Inadequacy: A Rant-Turned-Personal-Essay
by Kevin Aimes

LGBT Must Read

When Ex Gays Aren’t Ex Gay: It’s not about hypocrisy. It’s about Language. by Justin Lee

A Wonderful Two-Part Post on Identity (with a bit of a response to Justin Lee’s post above)

What it REALLY means to be and other Identity Labels

Part 1 and Part 2

Someone everyone should be listening to. Right. Now:

Progressive Christianity is as Broken As Evangelicalism: Here’s How to Fix It, by Francis Schaeffer

Long Overdue Blog Launch (glad you’re here!)

Scared by AJ

She Completely Challenged My Hatred for Winter… And I got some things to think about now.

The Subtle Whisper of Winter by Stephanie Spencer


40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent, by Nadia Bolz Weber

Why Evangelicals Hate Lent by Bo Sanders

A Joyful Lent by Maggie Dawn

I Remember the Ashes by Ben Howard

The Only Way Out is Through (A Lenten Reflection) by Christian Piatt

Pray Request

Lenten Miracles